What is Anything App?

Anything App is a next-gen search engine. Rather than giving the usual results, it offers you a list of people, related to your query. You are able to call, chat or video-call immediately with these people. If they ask a fee for their time, you can pay them with AnyCoin.

This will greatly reduce the time-cost of most hunts for information. Rather than wading through text for multiple hours, someone knowledgeable will be able to explain it to you in minutes. Plus, you will understand it better too.

How will Anything App change my life?

There are three major categories where Anything App will positively impact society. Whichever one is most relevant to you, is likely the one where you will benefit most from.


  • You'll be able to make extra money in a manner that's both easy and fun.
  • You'll be able to make money from your passions and experiences.


  • Save significant amounts of time through Anything App. Going through traditional search engines can be time-inefficient and frustrating.
  • Many consultancy based professions are structured in an old-fashioned manner. Drive to their office. Book half an hour. Pay a fortune. This process takes too long and it could be settled in minutes with Anything App.


  • The internet does not suffice when you need custom advice.
  • High-value information is not readily available on the internet.
  • Sometimes we need another set of eyes to look at a situation with us. This is something traditional search engines cannot arrange.
  • Professionals are difficult to reach and expensive.
  • We often deal with less than the best, because that is what is available in our neighbourhoods.
What is Anything App's goal?

It is our goal to help as many people as we possibly can. We are passionate about the problems we are addressing. Money, time and access to help are serious matters.

How far do you intend to grow this?

We are confident we can generate mass adoption in Asia and are generally optimistic about expansion beyond that. Many of us are serial-founders; marketing and achieving product-market fit is always on our minds.

What should I do when I need your support?

Please send an email to support "at" anythingapp "dot" com, or join our Telegram group and ask your question there.

Do you have a prototype ready?

We are working on our second iteration. The first Anything App was a functional prototype, however it was not designed to scale. Our current design uses React Native technology and its back-end is fully optimized to handle a load of millions of users.

Where is Anything App based?

Anything App main Intellectual Property Holding is based in the Netherlands. It will operate several subsidiary, working companies, with the first one opening in April in Thailand.

What is the AnyCoin (ANY)?

AnyCoin is the driving force of the Anything App. It enables our users to get compensated for the time they offer on the platform. Likewise, it allows us to incentivize and grow our community. Our approach allows us to generate mass adoption of this token. It is based on ERC20/ERC223, built upon the Ethereum platform.

What can I do with ANY?

ANY functions as a currency on the Anything App platform. As such, if you hold on to your ANY and put it in your digital wallet inside Anything App, you can use it to compensate the people who will help you in the future.

In addition, ANY will be tradeable on selected currency exchanges within thirty days after closing the main token sale.

What is the total supply of ANY?

The total amount of ANY is 400,000,000, which we will gradually burn over time. We offer 200,000,000 ANY as part of this token sale.

Do you burn ANY over time?


  • Anything App burns 20% of all AnyCoin it receives as commissions from interaction between buyer and seller. Transaction volume will increase over time and burning accelerates along with it.
  • If AnyCoin are given to the community as an incentive to join, those will be burned if the AnyCoin remain inactive for six months. The user will be made aware of this upon receiving the AnyCoin.
  • Further burning of tokens is up to the discretion of the Anything App Team and will occasionally occur during the life-span of company.
Integration with other Apps?

As Anything App develops itself over the next few years, it is more than likely that we will come up with other solutions to assist society. When we do, we will not hesitate to implement AnyCoin inside those applications.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of ANY I can purchase?

The minimum amount is 250 ANY and the maximum is 2.5M ANY.

How can I purchase tokens?

We strongly recommend to use MyEtherWallet as the easiest and most convenient one. This might be the best way to send your contribution to the Token Sale. You can simply do it by following the instruction below:

  1. Register by going to our portal. Portal URL coming soon.
  2. Sign in to your personal account
  3. Enter your ETH address to bind the wallet to the personal account
  4. Fill in your verification info (KYC)
  5. Wait until you get added to the whitelist (5 minutes to 1 hour)
  6. Press the "BUY TOKENS" link
  7. Enter the amount of tokens you want to buy and press "NEXT"
  8. Send the required ETH amount:
    1. Enter the URL: www.myetherwallet.com
    2. Confirm the URL to make sure that it is the authentic URL for MyEtherWallet (watch out for misspellings in the URL)
    3. Click on "Send Ether & Tokens"
    4. Enter your credentials and unlock your wallet
    5. Enter the crowdsale contract destination address and make sure you set the GAS to 200,000
    6. Enter the amount of ETH you need to send
    7. Double check everything is correct and press "Generate Transaction" and "Send Transaction" shortly after that
    8. The confirmation window will pop up. Double check everything. If OK, press "Yes, I am sure! Send Transaction".
When will I receive my ANY?

You will receive your purchased tokens automatically, after transaction is complete. Referral program bonus tokens will be sent out within 30 days after the Token Sale is closed.

What if I try to buy ANY after the auction has sold out?

Do not try to buy ANY after the auction has been sold out. The transaction will be cancelled and you will not receive any AnyCoin.

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