Make Money by Helping Others over the Phone

Anything App allows to get paid for helping others over the phone.

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Anything App is here to give society a boost

Let us walk you through the Anything App concept and how we believe it can help change lives

Access to Help
  • Until now, we still had to figure everything out ourselves. The internet is great, but two-way communication is difficult and since it’s text-based, they can’t consider your emotion or look at the problem together with you.
  • The video-call option of Anything App is a game changer. Discuss your car damage with the mechanic. Ask someone how to fix that problem in Excel. Get some help with some taxes.

We won’t have to figure everything out by ourselves anymore.

Make Extra Money
  • Anything App is one of the easiest ways imaginable to earn extra money. And it scales with your skill-set; making it attractive for anyone to join.
  • Every once in a while, you get a phone call from someone who needs help, and you get paid for helping them with something you are passionate about.

It works for everyone.

Saving Time
  • Existing search engines are amazing, reading through everything yourself simply takes too long. Posting a question on a forum takes too long.
  • Also, many consultancy based professions are structured in an old-fashioned manner. Drive to their office. Book half an hour. Pay a fortune. This process takes too long.
  • We make connections instantly.

Turn hours into minutes by using Anything App.



Everyone Can Make Money by Helping Others

In the past, we had just our jobs. Now, we also have Anything App


Anything App partners up with key players in target markets. A prime example is Durian Corp: a business facilitator and incubator, with a network that is in its own league. Together with Durian Corp, we are able to introduce the Anything App to well over a hundred top-top-top executives across our target markets, shortly after launch.

For them, it is a great way to give back to society. For us, a fantastic way to establish maximum credibility from the get-go.

One finger up; the sign of a future billion dollar business.

In order to achieve mass adoption, a marketing strategy was designed to maximize user acquisition.

  • Markets have high adoption rates for new technology and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We target verticals with the most traffic, which differ per region, in order to effectively market our services.
  • A powerful referral system á la Dropbox, where both people are rewarded, rather than just the referrer.
  • App is packed with subtle viral tools.
  • Focus on caring for our community.

The philosophy of Anything App is not to enrich ourselves; it is to enrich others. This has always been the purpose of the company. The gradual burning of our tokens helps generate a more predictable coin for our users.

The gradual burning of our tokens helps generate a more stable coin for our users.

  • Anything App burns 20% of all AnyCoin it receives as commissions from interaction between buyer and seller. Transaction volume will increase over time and burning accelerates along with it.
  • If AnyCoin are given to the community as an incentive to join, those will be burned if the AnyCoin remain inactive for six months. Further burning of tokens is up to the discretion of the Anything App Team and will occasionally occur during the life-span of company.
  • Further burning of tokens is up to the discretion of the Anything App Team and will occasionally occur during the life-span of company.

AnyCoin will be integrated in additional platforms and apps in the future. The Anything App company has currently conceptualized two additional projects, of which we have added one to our development roadmap. The second App is due Q2, 2019.

We are purposefully cryptic about our projects; launch is still some time away. Our approach to the concepts is novel. These are the broad lines, so you will understand in which direction the Anything App community will develop itself.

  • A specialized system to make one-on-one business mentoring accessible to everyone. Not just accessible, but attractive.
  • A platform to make crypto forecasting and expected market movements digestible and exciting to the average consumer.


Nov 27, 2018
Pre-sale bounty distribution completed!
AnyCoin (ANY) rewards and the Nano Ledger S have been sent out to the participants. The tokens will remain locked until the main sale has been completed. This brings the total of ANY-holders to 6,677.
Aug 8, 2018
We have launched a new Telegram group!
We kindly invite investors, bounty hunter and everyone else to join us at You can connect directly with management here for any questions you might have.

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